From the darkness that was the former T.T. the Bear's comes a brand new music venue, Sonia. The Sater family, who own the Middle East, bought up the block from their landlord and decided to renovate this spot into a new music venue for all music genres. In the end, a beautiful, 320 capacity venue that has high ceilings and not a single bad line of sight to the stage has emerged.

When walking into Sonia, the first thing you notice is the mural that goes around the opening of Sonia. Created by Erica Femino (IG: @ericafemino), the colorful mural has legends of the music industry from David Bowie to Notorious BIG to Elton John.

Straight from the door and going to the left is a brand new bar. The wood work behind the bar keeps to the Middle Eastern theme like the rest of the complex. The magnificent work came from Irene Ferri.

As the room opens to the right, you cannot help to notice the 39" tall, 22 feet wide by 16 feet deep stage with a large drop screen along the wall. Off to the right of the stage is the green room. The room is very impressive in size compared to the green room in the Downstairs section of the Middle East. Back to the performance area, there is lighting running all across the ceiling. During the preview, some of the lights were pointed toward the white wall on the far right. Other lights pointed towards the back and the stage. Just like the sound system, the lights are all the newest design.

Photo credit: Harrison Searle

On the wall opposite of the stage sits the sound and lights control. This state-of-the-art, no expensive spared set up is breathe taking. The all digital controls can also be accessed remotely as demonstrated by Ian Nault. If that name sounds familiar, then you probably have been at Motivate Monday or another event at Church where Ian worked from the venue's opening to close. Next to the sound booth is an elevated section with a bench along the wall. There is also a bench that runs along the far right wall.

At the time this is being written, Sonia does not have a liquor license and will be running all ages shows. There will also be matinees as well. Expect the liquor license to come soon because the bar is too nice to be serving only soda.

Sonia is located at 10 Brookline St, Cambridge MA. Manager of the new space is Ned Wellbery with Aaron Roy as the Booking Agent. A brand new box office was also fitted into the space. Opening night is Friday, March 31st.

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