New Fame at Carlo Rose

Just for Kicks hosting and DJ B-Unique spinning for the night. JFK starts off the show with Reptyler. Together, they sounded really out of sync. After the track, High Life, Reptyler performs his own set with his hype man. He ends his set with a song about this love for hip-hop. Used an original beat for his first song and the other two were instrumentals from mainstream songs.

A mic check by New Fame breaks into a cypher with JFK, the Hashassins, Relentless, Everett Gibbons, Hech Rhymes, J Jordan (of Joe Grizzley), and more. Evilldewer started showcasing his beats.

Hech Rhymes is the second artist to perform. She calls people into the room from the bar and kicks off her set. Hech brings a mellow and soulful voice to her performance. She calls on crowd participation for her second track. Her third song was more upbeat. She closes out her set with another smooth beat. She has great lyrics throughout her entire set and keeps wonderful pace through her set.

Just For Kicks get on the stage to perform Sour Patch Kids. Just like his performance at Mind Spray, he handed out bags of Sour Patch Kids. Much smoother set. After, he introduces the Hashassins. Their set is primarily uptempo. They get the crowd into their "Hip Hop Remedy" track and then finish out their set with a smoother track.

Della Kinetic performed next with a harder rap style compared to the first two artists. He put the call out to the people in the bar to come in. His second track was a trap beat. After a serious of shout outs, he hoes into a fast pace flow. On the last track, he calls up Everett Gibbons to perform. Nothing like a home town duo to stoke the crowd.

Everett Gibbons begins his set right from his appearance with Della Kinetic. He warms up the crowd before rapping over a jazzy beat with a nice piano riff to it. After his first song, he sounded little winded but pressed on to an unreleased track. Half way through, he jumps into the crowd to rock out with them. His time on tour has really improved his performance.

JFK comes back up on the stage to bring on New Fame. They kick off a unique blend of music and style to the stage. Very tropical beat but still hip-hop. Next song features Adrienne Mack-Davis singing on a slower flow then they switch back to rapping with another group of unique beats. They receive great crowd participation throughout their set. They close out their set with a new song that they have yet perform live because their DJ is stuck back in his native Vietnam.

After their set, another cypher kicks off and eventually, it is all B-Unique spinning as the room clears out.

Overall, the show was fun to watch and be a part of. Very nice variety of styles from the different artists. The cypher in the beginning was very enjoyable because as the artists arrived, they took a turn on the mic.

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