"Think Outside the Radio"

Dutch ReBelle

Slaine and Termanology featuring Bun B and Everlast - "Anti Hero"


It took me 10 seconds into this album "BugNef" to fall in love with it. DJ Nefarious put together the beats, production, and cuts for the album. Bug Out (of Granite State) brings out endless bars and one of his common things throughout the EP is his want to be part of the rap game which is something I hear from many artists but few want to express it on a song. This EP is truly something special.

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Apathy and Celph Titled

Late arriving crowd for this Thursday night show turns into an amazing 90 minutes plus of hip-hop from Apathy and Celph Titled. Arriving into Boston sick and tired from several weeks on the road, the duo (along with the incredible Blacastan) headline a nice show downstairs at the Middle East. The show was presented by Leedz Edutainment.

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Empty Nest

Empathy & Emptiness for Those in Empty Nests is the new album from Cody Pope. The new album was recorded at the Gaslight Compound. Beats produced by 8-BZA and mixed by Mertz. The album started to be recorded around middle of November and 80% of the beats are original. The album is a story from Cody's point of view about how he thinks he can take all that life hands him and deals with it alone. As the story goes on, he grows a tight circle of friends that he can trust because they have better intentions than his old friends. Common themes addressed in the first half of the album is being broke and depressed.

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New Fame at Carlo Rose

Just for Kicks hosting and DJ B-Unique spinning for the night. JFK starts off the show with Reptyler. Together, they sounded really out of sync. After the track, High Life, Reptyler performs his own set with his hype man. He ends his set with a song about this love for hip-hop. Used an original beat for his first song and the other two were instrumentals from mainstream songs.

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Lucky Dice - Memoirs of a Starving Artist
SPNA - Shards of Glass
STL GLD - Torch Song
Uncle Sam and Evilldewer - Disconnection
The Hip-hop Transformation
JFliz - AlieNation
Code Nine and Purpose - Below Sumerian Skies
Este Nack and al.divino - Triple Diamond

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