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Portsmouth Community Radio Aisling Peartree featuring Shalom - Catch Me Lord Esh and Arc - Animal Farm Overdog Radio
Big Kurt - M.A.B.U.S. Slicenberg featuring Revalation Mayhem featuring Edo G, M-Dot and Big Shug - Patriots (Red Blue and Silver)


Abyss, Denku, JO, Matt Maddox - "Mummy Rap"
Aisling Peartree featuring Shalom - "Catch Me"
Blaze P featuring Jon Hope and Statik Selektah- "Whats That Smell"
Blaze P - "The Feast"
Charmingly Ghetto and Bridget Perez - "What You See" (Produced by Evildewer)
Charmingly Ghetto - "First Nite"
Dramatik featuring Poundz - "She"
DJD feat ES Blitz, Shylok, P-Rovah, Sha-Elemental, Stuntman, Junior Jones, Atlas, Kane Major, B1, Snuk, and Clip - "Survival of the Fittest"
Dominique Larue feat. M-Dot and Boycott Blues - "Circulate" remix
Ea$y Money - "On Demand"
EMS - The Spittin Dead
Esh and Arc - "Farm Animals"
Evilldewer - "Standing Ovations"
Explizit One Ft. Frankie Wainwright, Stick Em Up, Akrobatik & Ben Carew - Eagle's Feet
iMC - "Outta Here"
iMC - "Bos"
iMC - "Yellow Lined Paper"
Joey B - "Just A Warning"
Joey B - "Talk of the Town"
Joey B - "Do It Again"
JuneLyfe - "No Worries"
Kali featuring Reks and Novel - Exhale
Kali - "Why I Came to Kalifornia"
KLK Beats featuring J Tronius - "My Eyes"
Krumb Snatcha - "Yesterday"
Latrell James - "Break the Rules"
M-Dot and Rass Kass - "Smut Theorapy"
M-Dot featuring Method Man, Dominique Larue and Katy Gunn - "Shine"
M-Dot - "Christmas Broke"
Mayhem featuring Edo G, M-Dot and Big Shug - "Patriots (Red Blue and Silver)">
Mayhem and Jerz featuring Revalation, Joey B. & Quite Nyce - "Fooled Ya"
Mayhiem and Jerz - "Street Runna"
Mayhiem and Jerz - "Who's To Blame"
Mega Trife - "Zones">
Megatrife - "Feelin U"
Mic Stylz featuring Pacewon, Reef the Lost Cauze and Hector Valdes Jr - "Steal the Show"
Mic Stylz - "Blaze"
Ms Jack - "Ignorant"
Nabo Rawk - On and On
Natural - "Go To Work"
N.B.S. - "Miracle"
Problemattik - "How Cold"
Problemattik - "The One"
Real P and Natural - "Kingdom">
Red Eye feat. Ruste Juxx, Reks, Reef the Lost Cauze, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sha Stimuli, Nutso, M-Dot and Midaz - "Unfukwithable"
Reks feat. Red Pages - "Proud"
Reks - "Hello Heaven"
Rome - "Gorilla Rap"
Rome - "Hip-Hop"
Revalations featuring EmliOMG and Keace - "Nothing Like Us"
Revalations featuring Don Streat - "U Otta Luck"
Rumorz feat Millyz - "One Way Ticket"
Singapore Kane featuring N.B.S. - Guns in America
Singapore Kane - "MLK Tribute"
Statik Selektah - Boston vs Everybody"
Stiz Grimey - Used to Know
Stiz Grimey - "Don't Make Me Fall in Love"
Superstah Snuk - "No Introduction
Termanology - "100 More Jewelz"
1982 featuring Reks - "Play Your Role"
That Kid Josh - "I'm Zonin"
Time and Lepp - Leave the Mic Alone

Akrobatik, Reks, M-Dot, Slaine and Jaysaun


8-Bza aka Bobby Botoxflow - "Never Better Than 8"
8-Bza aka Bobby Botoxflow - "The Day Tim Forgot His Helmet"
A Period - "HeavyWeight Vol 1"
Abyss - "Alter Ego">
Akrobatik/Brutang Clan - Enter the 63 Chambahs
Al-J - "Blak to the Future
Black EL x Durkin - "The College LP"
Big Kurt - M.A.B.U.S.
Charmingly Ghetto - "Kickz n Starez"
Charmingly Ghetto - The Hump
Charmingly Ghetto - StudyA'Broad
Dewcutta - "The Collection"
DomOfTheYear - "Thrills"
DomOfTheYear - "Presently Absent"
DraMatik - Collabo's
DraMatik - The Swell Season Of Hip-hop
DraMatik - The Warlordz
Dutch ReBelle - "ReBelle Diaries"
Ea$y Money - 50 More Bodies
Evan Black - For the Birds"
Flywalker - Inferiority Complex
House of Slaine - For the Love of the Irish
Illicit - The Friend That Raps
Iyadonna - Occupy the Industry
J the S - The Last Days
Jamille Malik - "Mean 16z From Tha Bean"
Jared Evans - The Art Form of Whatever
Joseph James - NWA (Nothing Without Art)
Kali - "On Schedule"
Kaspa - "Found My Way"
Like Mindz - "Breaking and Entering"
Lotus Taylor - "Re2pectable"
Lucky Dice - Sound Scan
Lucky Dice - "Blowing Smoke"
M-Dot - Layer Cake
M-DOT - Making Doubters Over Think
M-DOT - More Doubters Over Think
MassAppeal - Stick & Move
Moe Pope - "Stampeding Elephants"
Moe Pope - "Depeche Moe"
Millyz - "Future Memories"
Millyz - "Contagious Lifestyle"
Natural - "Ways to Go"
Notoriety - "The Ground Table"
Notoriety - "Well Rested"
OrganismMic - Disgruntled Life Force
Patrick Starr - Big Deal
Phase 3 - "Tales From The Six Vol.1"
Phase 3 - "Tales From The Six Vol.2
Phinelia - "Heroina"
Progress - "Progress Report"
Reks - All Eyes on Reks
Reks - Between the Lines Volume 2
Relentless - "Vigilante Special Ops
Ripshop - "Pioneer"
Rite Hook - "From the Wrong"
Rite Hook - Draw You In
Rumorz - Parachute
Singapore Kane - Waves n Shades
Slaine - State of Grace (produced by Statik Selektah)
Slythot - "Ethereal Cereal"
Statik Selektah and JFK - #AGE: All Green Everything
Stiz Grimey - "Spare Change"
STL GLD - "Viva La Gldply"
Superstah Snuk - "Man of 1000 STyles"
Termanology - 50 Bodies Part 5
Termanology - "Hood Politics Vol 7"
Termanology and Ea$y Money - S.T.R.E.E.T.
Time and Lepp - "Time and Lepp"
The Verbal Surgeon - "Day by Day"
Vinyl Villain X Johnny Silva - "The Undiscovered Self"

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