Empathy & Emptiness for Those in Empty Nests is the new album from Cody Pope. The new album was recorded at the Gaslight Compound. Beats produced by 8-BZA and mixed by Mertz. The album started to be recorded around middle of November and 80% of the beats are original. The album is a story from Cody's point of view about how he thinks he can take all that life hands him and deals with it alone. As the story goes on, he grows a tight circle of friends that he can trust because they have better intentions than his old friends. Common themes addressed in the first half of the album is being broke and depressed.

The first track "Alone in my Room, Staring at the Candles" is, as the title indicates, a reflection on how he got to this point in his life and how he plans on escaping it. He raps about being broke, alone, and wanting to rap. Second track "Sounds like Trouble" is about trying to keep straight and not follow impulses or relapse into his old ways. Cody questions about his life is about when he says "nothing to life after rap." Track three is titled "Fall" and it is about hitting rock bottom of life. Sober tone. He talks about being broke but he has love in his life and the want to rap. He wants to leave his current life to search for something better. At the same time, he is conflicted about his current circle of friends. He cites that he is not perfect and trying to figure out how to deal.

Track four "The Hunger" is about being a rap artist and working as an artist. Expresses the desire to turn his depressing life around by rapping. Track five "Freedom" comes across as a soliloquy about having freedom from the friends in his life who tell him that everyone is okay but he has a hard time believing them. Questions the desire to be a rapper. Track six "Caramel" was well received by people at the preview of the album. About moving forward in life and either live or lose. Track seven "Not Perfect" is just that, Cody points out how at this point in his life, he is not perfect. He raps about discovering rap, grinding to make music but does not want to let his family down.

Track eight begins the first of three tracks with featured. The first "Not By a Long Shot" is with Bugout of Granite State and Ape the Grim. They take on the new rappers coming on the scene and who are looking to replace them as the standard bearers of the New Hampshire rap scene. Track nine "Last of a Dying Breed" features Mike Wing and addresses rappers who are looking for instant success and who do not want to work hard at making albums. Mike raps that artists need to better recognize and know their audience. The final track features Tim Nihan. Jazzy beat on "Soft Hearts" which Cody and Tim rap about the music they make and travelling. Not trying to be famous but seeing the real intentions of people that you call friends now.

This is a great album to pick up and just vibe out to. It touches on many emotions that have felt through our lives. If you have listen to Cody Pope over the years, you can hear the continued improvement in his lyrics despite having common themes. He work with 8-BZA, who has become a close friend as well, has certainly helped his development. "Empathy and Emptiness for Empty Nests" is available now on all digital outlet.
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