It took me 10 seconds into this album "BugNef" to fall in love with it. DJ Nefarious put together the beats, production, and cuts for the album. Bug Out (of Granite State) brings out endless bars and one of his common things throughout the EP is his want to be part of the rap game which is something I hear from many artists but few want to express it on a song. This EP is truly something special.

The EP leads off with “9th” which Bug Out raps about himself and his place in the rap business. “Before you try to analyze every line written, you should try to figure out what your mind is missing.”

“Depth Perception” cuts back a little on the blends and Bug Out goes hard on his dream of a better life, how to achieve it, and ignoring those who try to discourage him. “Making music that the World needs to hear on blast. They said it wouldn’t last.” It was the first release as a video with M-Dot. On “Listen Up”, Bug Out comes right at the imaginary crowd and encourages them to check out his flow. He also throws out a few knives at persons who he had been trying to work with. He proves his dedication to his art by declaring “I am hip hop so how the hell can I quit rap”.

“On POV”, Bug Out raps “I give it to the end like a suffix.” is going to have young rappers running to their online dictionary. He is very direct on this track about proving to people that rapping was something he was born to do.

Bug Out lays down some heavy environmental conscious raps on “Questions”. He raps “They try to tell you tap water is the enemy. They want to sell you bottled water as a remedy. But that shit ain’t regulated by the E-P-A.” Some great cuts on here by Nefarious as well.

The pairing of these two New Hampshire natives seemed almost inevitable. The 7-track EP is as enjoyable to listen to any album coming out this year. Bug Out’s easily quotable lyrics are refreshing in this Trap party lyric era of rap. Bug Out has also made recent appearances on the #24in24 album as well as a feature on Cody Pope’s “Empathy and Emptiness”. DJ Nefarious’ melodic beats seemed to have been saved for this EP. He has also laid down beats of Boston heavy weights M-Dot and Akrobatik. The EP has been in the making for a while and it was certainly worth the wait.

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